Cotton’s First Birthday

Here at Signature Healthcare of Spencer County we make every effort make the nursing home as home-like as possible. One example of this is our new addition to our family, Cotton. Cotton has made a real difference in the lives of our beloved residents with his special, loving character.

He is a party poodle that turned one year old August 9th. Of course we threw him a party. The residents, stakeholders, and Cotton had corndogs and birthday cake. The dining room was filled with people that love Cotton and wanted to celebrate him. We sang “Happy Birthday” loudly! We all had a ball!

Jukebox from Opal’s Dreams

When was the last time you had a wish come true? For our residents, they had their wish come true last week! It all started with a visit from Jerry with Opal’s Dream Foundation.

On one of his monthly visits to discuss upcoming facility events that they help us with, he happened to ask where our jukebox was. We then told him we didn’t have one! In that very moment Jerry’s eyes lit up and his fairy wings spread, and he said, “Well that’s because you haven’t asked for one!” Wish granted!

Within just a few weeks, he came and delivered our brand new jukebox! We had a sock hop filled with 50s style dress, food, and fun. We then unveiled the jukebox and gave the residents quite the surprise! They had an absolute blast coming up one by one to check it out and dance the afternoon away. One resident stated: “It reminds me of the olden days!” A few residents then asked when we would have to return the jukebox, and with a smile on our faces we let me know it is ours forever! They cheered and celebrated with absolute joy.

As “Dream Dream” played by the Everly Brothers, we watched one of our married couples hold hands and reminisce about their teenage years together. There is no better feeling than watching our residents have so much fun and with such huge smiles. Thank you Opals Dream Foundation for making our wish come true!

Chillin’ in the Summer

Our summer is off to a great start with beautiful warm weather. We had a special treat day that included milk shakes and root beer floats for our residents and staff.

We believe here at Signature Healthcare of Spencer County that spending a relaxing afternoon with our friends and family is very important. We look forward to many more days beautiful days of summer, as well as more fun exciting activities that we already have planned for our residents and staff.

Mary Poppins

Spencer County Middle and High School put on the drama Mary Poppins and invited Signature residents to come see it. The play was awesome. The actors and actresses were great. They particularly loved Mr. Robertson. One resident danced the entire play. Everyone was all smiles during the three hour production. We had pictures taken with Mary Poppins and Mr. Robertson and we have been invited to future productions.

Nurses Week 2016

Last week we celebrated our amazing team of nurses, certified nursing assistants, and nurse managers for Nurses Week. We always look forward to this week. It’s a time to truly show our nursing staff how special they are to us and how much we appreciate them with a big celebration.

Each day we treated them with something new. We had a great week, as you can see in the pictures.

Even though nurses week is only once a year, we want our nurses to know we couldn’t do what we do without them. They are the foundation of everything we do!

Spring Break Day!

We at Signature Healthcare of Spencer County had a wonderful Spring Break Day celebrating our elders, stakeholders, and our community volunteers. Our theme was “Celebrating our Superheroes!”

Beautiful weather along with a cookout of hamburgers, hotdogs, banana pudding and a local band created an exciting atmosphere for fun and relaxation. We had superhero scarves, necklaces, and stickers, as well as a bubble making activity.

Our stakeholders and volunteers did an outstanding job assisting our elders, insuring that they were able to experience this special day!