Burden Bears

On Thursday, August 7th, we launched a new project; Burden Bears.  Several of our residents were eager to help.  We hand sewed all our quilt pieces and stuffed them with batting, and top it with a teddy bear and a little note saying

“Im not a very fancy bear, I’m plain and rather small.  Even so, someone who likes you said that I should come to call.  Hide me underneath your pillow or set me on a nearby shelf, and when you fell discouraged, I will do my best to help.  I brought my favorite blanket.  That I snuggle when I’m sad, it’s a present from my granny made for days when things seem bad.  My Granny always told me “Life is like this patchwork quilt.  Just give Jesus all the pieces and he’ll make a pretty quilt”  Sometimes I dont see the pattern, sometimes he seems far away, then I clutch my favorite blanket and I pray, and pray, and pray.  Though I don’t have all the answers, I’ve been sent here on a mission from someone who really cares.  When you see me, please remember YOU are in their thoughts and prayers”.

This is given to all our new residents to help make them feel loved and welcomed when they are admitted.  The residents who make them say they’ve been given so much, they are happy and eager to give something back.