Senior Olympics 2014

Hosted at the Signature Corporate office in Louisville, the Senior Olympics is one of the highlights of our year. We chose Bruce Springsteen’s “We Take Care of Our Own” as our theme song, Spencer County Cruiser’s was our name and we went for a “Biker Gang” look! With our custom t-shirts, bandanas and other accessories, we looked the part.

With our resident team chosen and much practice we went with the intentions of bringing home a medal and we did! Ms. Lottie Wooten won a bronze medal for her efforts in corn hole. Some of the events included basketball shooting, bean bag toss, hula-hoop, putt-putt golf, ADL relay and Name that Tune. Several of our residents came within seconds of a medal but they were all winners in our book.

Lunch was provided and the Signature band entertained through lunch. A few of our residents showed us some dance moves we had never seen before! We returned home that day with warm hearts and great memories of a day of comradery, fun and anticipation of next year’s event!

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