The Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County Apprentice







The new year of 2015 has brought an exciting opportunity to promote stakeholder engagement, resident quality of life, and have great fun, by hosting a version of the famous show, “Apprentice.”

The game is designed to touch every part of our day to day work here at Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County.

Like the nationally broadcasted “Apprentice” program, our department managers and directors are equally divided and given a task. In friendly competition, each team is given a task, and four days to complete the assignment.

On the fifth day we meet in the “Boardroom” and our own Donald Trump, aka, David Brown, Administrator, decides who has won that week’s challenge. The losing team has to stay in the boardroom and two of the members will be “fired.” Of course this is all in fun and the goal is to create an atmosphere of teamwork and comradery.

At the end of eight weeks and a different challenge every week, we will have THE Apprentice winner! This should be exciting! Please continue to follow the story here on our Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County website.