“Dancing with the Stars”







What a thrill it was to be asked by the FFA of Spencer County High School to be contestants in “Dancing with the Stars”  Dancing with the Stars is their biggest fund raiser of the year.  Our participants were residents, Bill Case, Rita Bowman, Juanita Thomas, and three staff members, Ann New, Corlesha Ford, and Alicia Caudill.

Two girls from the dance team came twice a week to practice with us.  We had lots of laughes along the way getting ready for the magical night.

Then the big night arrived.  We were all excited and nervous at the same time.  We were the last contestants to participate.  What a trill it was when we got on the floor.  Once we started we all forgot about all the people and had fun!  Bill Case literally brought the house down. He danced with all he had.

When we finished, much to my surprise, we had at least 3 10’s and a 9.5 score.  We tied with a contestant; a paster, who had won the last three years in a row.  We had to do another 30 second dance off with the pastor.  He actually came over to us and danced along with us.  What fun!  We got two standing ovations.  We took home the trophy.

In the end, we won! I was so proud of our residents and our team.  Just wait ’til next year.