Hometown Senior Olympics

With great anticipation, several of our residents and staff loaded up the bus and headed to Tennessee. This was a big event and we were ready for it! Of course we had a theme, Pixies and the Pirates, so tulle, wings, headpieces, swords, eyepatches and skull scarves were in place when we arrived. We represented Spencer County in style!

The Olympics consisted of several games and activities along with delicious snacks and a lunch meal. The decorations and enthusiasm was tangible. Our team was great sports and was cheering each other as they each competed.

At the closing ceremony, with more than hundred participants, Ms. Rebecca Brown won three medals and Ms. Lottie Wooten won a medal. One of the last group trophies given was for costume and Spencer County Won! We were elated!

It was a long day but it was well worth it to see the smiles and the team spirit shared. Now we are getting our practice in for the Olympics that will soon be held at our corporate office.