Compassion Fund Helps a Stakeholder Family

Since he was seven years old, JC has experienced seizures and through the years his family and physicians has tried to help him with multiple treatments. As a last recourse it was decided that he needed to undergo brain surgery. The week of August 12th of this year he had two separate brain surgeries that resulted with a stroke on his left side.  Since that time he has been in aggressive therapy and hopes to return home in the next few weeks. 

His mother, Alice, is a Stakeholder in our community here at Signature Healthcare of Spencer County. Since the surgery she hasn’t been able to return to work and we saw this as an opportunity to petition the Compassion Fund. The Compassion Fund is a resource that our Stakeholders can donate to, to help the needs of our community, Stakeholders and Residents.

On Tuesday, September 16, 2013, our administrator, David Brown and myself were able to present a check for $2305.67 from the Compassion Fund to help this family through this unexpected illness! The Stakeholders here at this community has raised a separate amount of $441.00 as well asBloomfieldMiddle School, who donated $510.00! You can see that this family is well loved and we are praying for continued success in JC’s journey of healing!

Please check back soon for more updates!  We look forward to sharing more about the progress of JC.