Kimberly Griffin McKnight

[quote style=”default”]My mom moved to Signature a couple of months ago. My mom and I are the only ones left in our nuclear family. I now live in CA. I can’t tell you the sleepless nights I spent before my mom moved to Signature. I can’t express the peace it gives me knowing she is safe and being cared for, knowing she is being fed three meals a day and pampered. The nurses are always so gracious and kind when I call to check on her and even though they are sooo busy, they take the time to talk with me and never seem inconvenienced by my calls. Tina and Tina are angels setting up FT calls because mom doesn’t have a cell and this way she can see our children and talk to them. I can’t wait for things to calm down and we can come home for a visit and see her in person. Thank you to everyone at Signature from a daughter who is eternally grateful.[/quote] This is our WHY! Thank you so much Kimberly for this AMAZING review of our facility. It is a honor to take care of your wonderful mother!