Compassion and Love Shines Through

We want to share with you an example of the compassion and love we have for one another here at Signature Healthcare of Spencer County.

One of our dietary staff employees Alice Grundy and her son James Grundy are going through some tough times and the staff here wanted to show Alice and her son our support and encouragement.  James (JC) had 2 brain surgeries and a stroke in one week.  We had a luncheon fund raiser for them and raised $441.00.  We want to extend a special thank you to our wonderful and caring housekeeping staff that graciously provided the food to make the fund raiser happen.  

We want to send out a second thank you to Bloomfield Middle school where JC attends.  With the help of our Director of Nursing Misty Morgeson they also raised an additional $510.00.   We personally want to thank all the teachers and students that made this great contribution to help their fellow student and friend.   They should be very proud of themselves.

Last but not least when our corporate office staff was informed of Alice and JC’s situation they saw the urgency and wanted to show their support as well.  They visited along with our Chaplain Suzanne Priddy at the hospital the very next day, bringing get well cards, and lots of prayers! 

We have a great facility and the stakeholders here are truly like family.  We pull together in times of need and provide comfort to those who need it.