Kimberly Griffin McKnight

[quote style=”default”]My mom moved to Signature a couple of months ago. My mom and I are the only ones left in our nuclear family. I now live in CA. I can’t tell you the sleepless nights I spent before my mom moved to Signature. I can’t express the peace it gives me knowing she is safe and being cared for, knowing she is being fed three meals a day and pampered. The nurses are always so gracious and kind when I call to check on her and even though they are sooo busy, they take the time to talk with me and never seem inconvenienced by my calls. Tina and Tina are angels setting up FT calls because mom doesn’t have a cell and this way she can see our children and talk to them. I can’t wait for things to calm down and we can come home for a visit and see her in person. Thank you to everyone at Signature from a daughter who is eternally grateful.[/quote] This is our WHY! Thank you so much Kimberly for this AMAZING review of our facility. It is a honor to take care of your wonderful mother!

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Brown Family Letter

Thank you for meeting my daily needs now & in the past. My family thanks you too! May God bless you in all you do for others.
Love, Janet L. Brown

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Slaughter Family Letter

A note of sincere appreciation to everyone at Signature HealthCARE for the care & concern given to Chester E. Slaughter during his stay with you. It has definitely been a great relief to all of us to see the progress he has made in the past few weeks. Please express our thanks to everyone who has & is providing service to him.
– The Slaughter Family

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Our Nursing Staff is Awesome

Letter given to our Director of Nursing praising our nursing staff.
“I want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate the nursing staff at Spencer County Signature Healthcare. I have for the most part been a rather healthy person so my interaction with medical staff has been minimal. However, this experience has taught me there is so much in life I have left to see. The nursing staff that you have assembled is par excellence. The nursing staff here is willing to help with anything and everything. Every question I ask they patiently answer (sometimes more than once). My wound is healing at a remarkable rate and that can be attributed to consistent care that the nursing staff provides. I am so far from my family, but I feel that I have been made part of the family here. Please convey my gratitude and appreciation to all of the nursing staff. ” ~Mrs. Elizabeth Dooley

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Parker Family Letter to Facility

From a family member:

The family of Herb Parker greatly appreciates the friendly and family like atmosphere provided by the staff members of Signature of Spencer County. A diverse amount of activities are provided and patients are encouraged to attend. Suzanne Priddy is an invaluable employee. Her kindness and enthusiasm are the reason we chose this facility for our loved one. His nurses and nurses aids have been more professional and attentive than those at other facilities. Thanks for the “home away from home” we can trust with his skilled nursing needs.

Tara Parker
Amy Cuenca

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Resident’s Comment to a CNA

One of our long term residents had this to say to one of our CNAs:

“You have touched my life with kindness and compassion that was needed at this time. I want to thank you for restoring peace in my heart like the ripples in a pool, expanding to infinity and beyond. May you know that your actions were greatly appreciated and may they come back to you, in your time of need, a thousand times over. God bless and keep you for you are truly an angel to me.”

My love and gratitude always,

Lou Ann Tompkins

Heartfelt Appreciation

Thanks so much for all the care the nursing home provided to our mom. It was a short stay for her, but we all agree she was in good hands. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the nurses, aides, and staff members.

Thank you for your support

Thank you for the wind chimes, they are and sound beautiful.  We greatly appreciate the care that was given to Louise and the continued care of Wayne.  Thank you for the support and hugs through this difficult time.

Gos’s blessing on each and everyone.

Many Many Thanks

Many, many thanks to all of Tom’s caregivers.  You were great.  The flowers were beautiful, I’m still enjoying them at home.  “It’s sometimes easy to forget that there are nice people out there doing nice things for others.  Thanks for being such a aspecial reminder”!  Love to all Carol Jackson for Tom.