With what was going to be a 5-7 day hospital stay from surgery ended up being a 7 month journey of what his wife states has been a, “miracle!” The wife and family of Ray never thought this day was going to come. September 9, 2013 Mr and Mrs Noah were reunited in their home.

Ray was admitted to Signature HealthCare of Taylorsville in June of this year with the hopes of going home. After 3 months of intense physical, occupational and speech therapy he and his family dreams have come true. He has been a true inspiration for the therapy staff as when he came in here he was in need of two people to transfer him, very confused, and needed much assistance to dress himself. He brought tears to the therapist’s eyes this week when he was walking around the therapy room with no walker or cane. When conversing with Mr Noah he has no memory of how he was when he was admitted and is very thankful of all the hard work of all the staff of this facility.

Mr Noah wants to thank all of the therapist for their hard work, “They had patience with me when I couldn’t function the way I should have.” As for the nursing staff he states, “…couldn’t have been any better.” He wanted to add that, “I have been to four different places and this is the best place I’ve been. I would recommend it to anyone.”

We at Signature HealthCare of Taylorsville want to celebrate in his success and wish him and his family the best. Thanks for letting us get to know you and help you reach your goals and dreams.




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